Your visa is expiring or has expired

You must have a valid visa to stay in Australia. It is unlawful to stay in Australia without a valid visa.

  • Check your visa expiry date and conditions

Before you decide what to do next, you need to know:

  • when your visa expires
  • whether your visa has a condition that prevents further stay
  • your other visa conditions

What are your Options ?

Stay longer

  • If you want to stay longer in Australia, you must apply for a new visa. You can’t apply for a new visa in Australia if your current visa has a no further stay condition (eg. a 8503).
  • Leave Australia
  • leave Australia any time before your visa expires

Take the right steps to leave Australia if your visa has already expired

  • If you don’t have a valid visa
  • You must take steps to become lawful as soon as you can or leave Australia.
  • To leave Australia after your visa expires, apply for a Bridging visa E (BVE) as soon as you can. A BVE is a short-term visa that lets you remain lawful while you make arrangements to leave Australia.

Permanent residents

As a permanent resident, you can leave Australia and return on your permanent visa as often as you wish for the first 5 years after the visa is granted. After this:

If you are outside Australia when the travel component of your permanent visa expires, do not return to Australia on any other kind of visa. If you do:

  • you will lose your permanent resident status
  • your eligibility for citizenship might be affected

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