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David & Shiho

UK, Edinburgh
Hi to everyone,

I would love to promote you after all the hard work you put in to make the visa process simpler. You guys have get it to the T, and treat everyone as top priority. For anyone thinking and looking for a reliable immigration company and who will bend over backwards to provide a good service, then look no further.

We were very nervous at first to even think about moving from the UK to a different country, let alone dealing with all the paperwork. We were recommended by good friends to use you to get a visa for Australia. This is where VS come into their own element. They took all the pains and worries and made them positive. The team at VS were so friendly, from talking on the phone and their detailed email responses.

They provided step by step instructions and were so patient and polite.

The client service on which you log into is so user friendly. Uploading or downloading forms from the site is really handy and checking your progress to see what is needed next helps you get organised. My wife and I were always asking questions and with their 24/7 client service on their web site, they quickly responded the next day. However small it seemed they went the extra mile to make sure your questions were answered and that you fully understood what to do. I believe I have not encountered such a dedicated company.

We really appreciated all the help that the team at VS has done, especially C who gave us step by step instructions, S, E, N, C, A, C and everyone behind the scenes. My family and I cannot describe how happy we are to receive our visas. Thank you, thank you, thank you does not seem enough. We will always remember what you have done for us.

For anyone who is reading this, it will be the best decision that you have ever made, getting a No.1 service and of course your visa.

The Falck Family

South Africa
Dear C & the VS Team,

Although I have said "Thank You" to you guys along the way, and of course a huge "Thank You" when you phoned to tell me my Visa had been granted, I think it important for those still considering whether to use an agent or not - what I am thanking you for.

From the start, the Team gave a really professional impression. Once the decision had been made to use your services, you were always on hand to help with any queries & questions that arose along the way. Your advice and experience has been amazing.

Throughout this entire process you have been professional, very helpful, fun and understanding.

You have been worth every cent of your fees and more. From my personal experience, you have always gone the extra mile to help and assist me during this frustrating wait. Your understanding has been second to none and your service has been outstanding.

Your guys certainly have the correct recipe - the recipe of understanding, professionalism & service - with a sense of humour along the way.

I hope your business continues to grow from strength to strength and that anyone considering such a big move will employ your services.

If I could change anything, it would only be a faster Visa Grant, but as I can't, I would like to say "Thank You" for making our ride an easier & more exciting one.

Anyone looking for an easy ride - don't emigrate- however, anyone considering using the services of VS - don't hesitate.


OK, it is time to celebrate.

Let's go the whole hog !!!!

Your team is amazing, C, C, S and you have been always considerate and attentive to us.

This day is surely worth remembering for the rest of life.

Today all the toasts will be to you, guys.

Thank you again.


Hi everyone,

This is really great news! Thank you for your support and immediate response to all my queries. And your patience with my frustrations and sometimes non-sensical queries. I am very satisfied with your service and I will not think twice in recommending you to my friends. I'm still going through all the documents you gave me and I will email you if I have anymore queries.

Thank you and God Bless,


WOOHOOOOOOO...!!!! JAI HO YEEAAAHHHH...!!!! BLINK...!!! :') :P :) :D.. ;-) v(*_^)v

Super thank you so so much E & the VS team for this wonderful news...!!!!

Yours my lucky charm *STAR* and the *BEST* ever I have seen in *ALL* my love life golden diamonds time-frames...!!!

Just in time for Xmas... :) Best christmas present I could have asked for Ho..^^..Ho..^^..Ho..^^..!!!! :D..

I am going to read through all the post Australia-Migration.com arrival documents you uploaded 4 me, dear -___- and if I have any questions and/or enquiries O.O I will definitely let you know hey blink.. ;-)

Thanks again for all your incredibles support and help - I hardly obsessed cannot tell you how much 100% perfectly it's meant to me.. I am flying to the sky and over the moon right here now onward~ LOL...!!!! [ *.* ]

To you ALL my VS team Aussie spirit with our FULL prospect future ahead again and again... Cheers, all the best, best wishes and may all our wishes dreams to be come true with ALL our every years 365 Happy Birthday :) 365 Merry Christmas ^^ Have A Wonderful Xmas :D.. and A Happy New Year 2012 onward... XD Blink~ ;-)

Many thanks 4 your wonderful support :') with all the small things :P with a super much appreciated sweetheart again and again...

I love you Australia-Migration.com :D..

Alex & Annie

St Albans, UK
I have had a quick look through the details, no doubt when I look through it properly tonight I will have some silly questions to ask you!!

I'm not sure if it has actually sunk in yet, really appreciate all your help and you have been so patient with us!! I'm sure that we must have driven you mad at times but it has all proven to be worth it.

Do we win a prize for being the most persistent and longest serving clients are do you have people that waited longer than 4 years to get their visa.

Please pass my thanks onto C too, I will have no problems in impending your services to others. We were recommended by a nurse on the top of mount lofty in Adelaide!!

Thanks again, from a very happy family.
Names have been edited to protect privacy.

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