Australian Permanent Residency (PR)

What is Australian Permanent Residency and How Can You Get Permanent Residency (PR) ?

What Is a Permanent Resident (PR) ?

  • A PR visa is a visa (or status) that allows the holder of the visa to remain in Australia indefinitely
  • You can become a PR of Australia by applying for and being granted a PR visa

Australian Visas that Allow you to become a PR (or potentially allow you to become a PR) include:

Australian Permanent Residence status v. Being an Australian Citizen

An Australian permanent resident and an Australian citizen are not the same.

As a permanent resident of Australia, you generally can:

  • remain in Australia indefinitely on your visa
  • work and study in Australia
  • enrol in Australia’s national health scheme, Medicare
  • apply for bank loans to buy property, and buy any property without FIRB restrictions
  • sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence under certain streams eg. Partner Visas, Parent visas, and 489 visas (if you reside in an approved designated area)
  • apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible
  • travel to and from Australia for as long as your travel facility permits (please have a look at the Resident Return Visa / RRV visa requirement)
  • You may also qualify for other government benefits and services. If you hold a permanent visa, but you are not residing in Australia, your eligibility for the above may be impacted.

Australian PR’s compared to Australian citizens: 

a PR can not

  • apply for or hold an Australian passport
  • access student loans
  • join the Australian Defence Force
  • vote in Australian Government elections unless you enrolled (as a British subject) before 26 January 1984
  • obtain ongoing work in the Australian Government
  • return to Australia from overseas without a valid travel facility (please have a look at the Resident Return Visa / RRV visa requirement)

When you are granted a permanent visa, you are usually permitted a 5-year travel facility.

This means you can leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you like in the 5 years from the date your permanent visa was granted, as long as your visa remains valid.

After 5 years, your travel facility expires and you will need to apply for, and be granted:

  • a Resident Return visa – if you wish to re-enter Australia as a permanent resident or
  • Australian citizenship – if you wish to travel as an Australian citizen.

How do you prove that you are an Australian Permanent Resident ?

Examples of when you may need to prove your permanent resident status include:

  • interacting with other Australian government agencies regarding entitlements and benefits such as Centrelink and Medicare, or
  • traveling to Australia, or
  • obtaining certain documentation from other Australian agencies or authorities such as:
    • Driver’s licence
    • Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC)
    • interacting with foreign embassies, consulates and high commissions in Australia or for the purposes of obtaining a foreign travel document

Your PR status (visa) is linked to your passport, and your visa status is shown on VEVO

What is VEVO ? Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) allows visa holders, employers, education providers and other organisations to check visa details and conditions.

To prove permanent resident status you can use VEVO to:

  • email or print out your status or
  • give permission for an organisation or a government agency to perform a VEVO check.

You can do this, as long as your visa is linked with your passport or ImmiCard.

VEVO tells you:

  • which visa you hold
  • the expiry date of that visa
  • the must not arrive after date
  • the period of stay (how long you can stay)
  • conditions (what you can and can’t do)

Check you visa status here on VEVO

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